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Guruji Trivedi

Guruji Trivedi, an enlightened and miraculous being, is on a mission to unite and integrate science, religion, and consciousness to greatly improve humanity’s quality of life. Guruji is renowned globally for his transformative impact on living organisms at the DNA (genetic) level as well as non-living materials at the atomic level, which have been validated worldwide with the most sophisticated technologies. His Blessings have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.


Guruji Trivedi’s Miraculous Physiology

Distinguished doctors and researchers worldwide correlate the miraculous impact of Guruji’s Blessings with his extraordinary physiology. Guruji’s physiology reveals unprecedented impossibilities about the capabilities of the human body. There is no other known person to survive under Guruji’s remarkable physiological conditions.

At 41 years of age, his brain was found to be in the deepest state of calmness as well as in the highest state of alertness simultaneously. His breathing was found to be abdominal with little or no movement of the diaphragm, his arteries were found to have no plaquing at all, and the elasticity of his body’s cells was found to be superior than that of any newborn baby. Through full body digital X-rays at 55 years of age, growing cartilage was found through his entire body while on the contrary, cartilage is known to stop growing once a person reaches puberty.


A Trusted Pioneer

Guruji is the unprecedented pioneer who is integrating science, religion and spirituality. Distinguished scientists and research institutes globally have collaborated with Guruji, conducting over 6,000 scientific experiments with the rigor of internationally accepted models of scientific research using the most sophisticated technologies to test, measure and validate Guruji’s Divine Blessings on humans, animals, microbes, plants and trees, as well as non-living materials. The research been measured, documented and published in over 650 publications in major international peer-reviewed scientific journals with over 8,000 citations and is available in more than 2,000 universities all over the world.

Divine Connection

The path to health and wellness lies within you. Your soul and the God of your understanding are interconnected though Divine Grace – Consciousness – which is called Divine Connection. Optimal Divine Connection leads to a deeper connection with the God of your understanding. As a result, you harness more Divine Grace, which brings about true transformation to uplift your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Guruji’s Blessings have clinically proven how a stronger Divine Connection can help people enjoy wellness and bliss in their lives. In the clinical trial, the Blessed participants became inspired, enthusiastic, and motivated, while finally realizing their life purposes. By the conclusion of the clinical trial, every participant had very significant improvements in their psychosomatic, mental and emotional wellbeing.


The Trivedi Effect®

The Trivedi Effect® is an unprecedented, scientifically proven phenomenon in which an enlightened being harnesses Divine Grace, which is able to transform living organisms at the cellular level, alter non-living materials at the atomic level, and revolutionize an individual’s quality of life. The result is superior performance through the substantial enhancement of the recipient’s potency, characteristics and behaviors. This phenomenon was discovered by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi; hence, it is termed the Trivedi Effect®. Guruji and the discovery of the Trivedi Effect® stand at the forefront of a new scientific paradigm uniting science, religion and consciousness to usher in a new era that will forever shape the future of humanity.


Guruji Trivedi’s Vision and Mission

Guruji’s vision is for people to experience true freedom in their lives, which is only possible through enlightenment; the ultimate attainment for everyone. As long as people are controlled and enslaved by their thoughts, they can’t enjoy freedom and will have various physical, mental and emotional problems. Freedom is the only solution for everyone to enjoy the beauty of life.


The potential of consciousness exists within everyone. If people can be connected deeply to the God of their understanding, then they can harness Divine Grace in the form of consciousness on an ongoing basis. Gradually, an evolution in consciousness takes them to a state of enlightenment in which their consciousness becomes higher than nature. As a result, these Divine beings are able to command their six senses, sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch/feel and intuition, and are beyond the influence and control of nature’s consciousness. In this state of enlightenment, people are no longer slaves to their thoughts. Instead, they are able to command and regulate their thoughts, as needed, to enjoy a blissful life.

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