Discover the Secret to Happiness

The path to happiness, abundance, and prosperity lies within you. All spirits/souls and God (the Creator) are interconnected though Divine Grace—consciousness—which is called Divine Connection. Optimal Divine Connection is the solution for all problems in life as it is the relationship between us and the God of our understanding; the Creator of all life and phenomena. As this Divinely conscious energy acts in our lives, it blesses us with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A deeper connection leads to harnessing more Divine Grace, which brings about true transformation.

Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings have clinically proven how a deeper Divine Connection can help people enjoy wellness and happiness in their lives. The Blessed participants became motivated, inspired, and enthusiastic, which led them to discover their life purposes, higher productivity, better relationships, and most importantly happiness. By the conclusion of the clinical trial, every participant had very significant improvements in their psychosomatic, mental, or emotional wellness.

Dahryn with family - parents and siblings

Human transformation is about creating awareness in people and inspiring them to follow the Divine Principles and Fundamentals in everyday life in order to live happily and flourish.

Guruji Trivedi is the gifted authority on this planet who can strengthen your Divine Connection (relationship with God) so you can start harnessing more Divine Grace in your life.

As per the universal understanding of religion, God exists everywhere, even in the smallest particles in the Universe, and everything is interconnected.

Similarly, as per the understanding of current science, everything in the Universe, known and unknown, visible and invisible, as well as living and non-living, is made up of atoms. The basic building blocks of the Universe are atoms and all atoms in the Universe are interconnected.

Science has discovered that humans are made up of over 70 trillion cells, which compose our tissues and organs, and are all collectively operated by the brain. However, religion says that it is the soul (spirit) that controls and directs the mind, brain, body, and the overall experience of human existence through the light of consciousness.

After death, the bodily organs stop functioning, such as the eyes, lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys, etc. However, if these organs are then transplanted into a living human, the same organs start functioning again in the environment of a new, living body. This is substantial proof that there is something in the living body, beyond its physical composition, that has the power to operate these organs. When the body is dead, that authority is missing. Religion identifies this authority as the spirit (soul). Due to current science’s own limitations, it has yet to accept this authority and acknowledge it in terms of the spirit or soul, despite having observed the soul’s impact on the body. Rather, science uses a different term: the “X Factor.”

As a result of this denial of the presence of the soul/spirit, our global and modern educational systems, schools, and universities also do not acknowledge the communion of the spirit. Instead, they teach everything at the level of the brain and body. As a result, to resolve problems in life, modern science offers counseling or convincing, with minimal effectiveness.

After exhausting these options and achieving only small-scale outcomes, people then fall into deeper depths of frustration and hopelessness. This system is missing extremely vital parts of the human condition: love, affection, emotions, sentiments, sacrifice, caring, empathy, and sympathy, etc. As a result, it is impossible for any human to act with inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, and ambition.

Religion considers humans as spirits or souls with bodies, and considers all spirits as extensions of God (the Creator) that are interconnected with each other. All spirits recognize God as the supreme authority, and follow the Divine Principles of innocence, truth, honesty, loyalty, trust, love, and caring in order to cooperate and coexist peacefully with each other.

As a result, when people operate at the level of their spirit or soul, without suppression, then they are able to feel inspired, motivated, and ambitious; they feel worthiness, love, and affection; and they are able to recover from psychosomatic, mental, and emotional problems that block their path to experiencing health, wealth, and prosperity.



In cultures across the world, people use terms such as ‘soulmate’ or ‘matching chemistry,’ which suggests the existence of spirits and their inter-relationships. There are billions of spirits on this planet, all of which are operated by Divine Grace. The phenomenon in which all spirits recognize, accept, and understand each other’s value and importance to co-exist in a way that supports and cooperates with each other is the Universal Divine Connection we should all aspire for. Fortunately for us, there is a way.

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