Divine Evolution

Guruji Trivedi's Journey

From then onwards, he has followed his Divine guidance for everything from his day-to-day activities, to giving up everything and immediately resigning from his existing job. By ending his successful career, he began the next step to his new journey into the unknown.

Guruji Trivedi began wearing the robes of a spiritual master, as is customary by tradition, and started traveling throughout India to Bless people suffering from many varieties of problems, never charging any money for the miracles they experienced in their lives. Even now, he still takes care of those who helped him on his journey.

His Blessings were miraculous. People reported experiencing better physical, mental, emotional, and sexual wellness; financial prosperity; deeper and more loving relationships; and improved perception. Out of respect and gratitude, people started to address him as “Guruji,” meaning beloved spiritual teacher.

In 1999, Guruji Trivedi established himself in Mumbai. He started his travels to numerous countries on all six continents to meet and Bless people. He developed a deep understanding of many cultures, and the needs and problems of people and their levels of consciousness. In 2009, Guruji Trivedi arrived in the USA.



Guruji Trivedi Blessed thousands of people from all walks of life between 1995 and 2000. He came to the conclusion that if this Divine Grace /Divine Energy is able to transform people, making it possible for them to discover their life purposes and optimize their fate and fortune (potential), then this Divine Grace must be able to transform everything else. If people can be transformed with optimized potential, then why shouldn’t the Blessings enhance the performance and usefulness of other living organisms like seeds, plants, trees, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and animals as well as non-living materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, chemicals, and organic and inorganic compounds?

Guruji Trivedi pursued answers through modern science in the areas of life sciences and materials science using the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet. Recognizing that current science is struggling to produce quality food as well as to improve quality of life as it relates to the health and well-being of people, Guruji Trivedi sought to discover the impact of Divine Grace and its utilization for the benefit of humanity.

This journey was not always easy and had its fair share of hardship. In the very beginning, it was virtually impossible to convince a majority of scientists, across multiple disciplines, that God’s Grace has the ability to transform everything. Although science is meant to constantly reinvent itself when presented with new information and ideas, many scientists themselves have limited the capabilities of science through their own closed-mindedness.

It is an established fact that in life sciences, DNA (genetics) cannot be altered by any means. Similarly, in  materials science, the physical constants of any material cannot be altered by any method nor by any sophisticated man-made machines, as per the law of conservation of energy. However, the moment we include God (the Creator) in the picture, would it not be possible for the Authority that created this Universe to change the same Universe?

It was absolutely impossible for Guruji Trivedi to accept that the Creator cannot alter His own creation. Hence, to establish the universal religious understanding that God exists everywhere, in every smallest particle throughout the Universe, Guruji Trivedi started a broad range of research in various countries in multiple disciplines of life sciences and materials science using the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet.

The data from Guruji Trivedi’s research suggests that the DNA (genetics) of microbes, plants, and trees can be successfully altered by up to 79%. At the same time, various physical constants of atoms in non-living materials can also be easily altered through this pine Energy. For example, the isotopic abundance of an atom can be altered by more than 500%.

Guruji Trivedi demonstrated unprecedented results that reach far beyond the understanding of the principles of current science. Despite this, it was impossible for scientists to accept the power of the Blessing and the existence of God. On the contrary, Guruji Trivedi’s results cannot be replicated by any man-made machines on this planet.

In materials science, the research data suggests that the outcome of the Blessing is capable of defying the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states:

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed -only converted from one form of energy to another.”

Throughout history, no religious or spiritual leader from any religion or tradition, nor any person with miraculous abilities, has been able to demonstrate, measure, and prove the impact of their gifts, power or techniques in the arena of scientific research.

With over 6,000 scientific research experiments conducted on Guruji Trivedi’s miraculous Blessing power, Guruji Trivedi has made history. His Blessing power has been demonstrated in the following areas:

1. Health & Wellness 

2. Life Sciences

3. Materials Science

4. Clinical Trials

Authenticity of

Divine Blessings

In 2019, Guruji Trivedi conducted a six-month clinical trial with a renowned multinational CRO (Contract Research Organization) to test the impact of his Blessings on a wide and detailed range of health parameters. Over 100 parameters were analyzed in blood samples. This clinical trial was conducted on more than 100 volunteers between the ages of 20 to 45 years old. The trial evaluated the overall health of the volunteers by analyzing their immunity, hormones, cognition, stress, inflammation, anti-aging, nutrition absorption, cholesterol, insulin production (Diabetes), neurotransmitters, and organ function such as the liver, kidneys, skin and heart. The health status of the volunteers was examined before and after the Blessing. The results were miraculous; everyone started enjoying better overall wellness, prosperity, happiness, and a better-quality life.



Be a Part Of a Modern Miracle

The Trivedi Effect transforms every facet of an individual’s well-being, enhances
perception and accelerates growth to harness true happiness.

Unique Remote Blessing Power

Since the beginning of the 16th century, no one, other than Guruji Trivedi, has scientifically demonstrated the ability to transform humans, any living organism, nor any non-living material with the power of Blessing remotely, from a long distance.

Religious and spiritual leaders from all religions or traditions have tried to transform the lives of their followers/believers with the help of their Blessings, gifts or techniques.

Some religious leaders, spiritual masters, and healers from different traditions were even invited to participate in projects funded by the NIH, as well as several universities and non-profit organizations. Despite using the most advanced technology available, scientists were unable to find any significant beneficial impact from their Blessings, gifts, techniques, or healing powers.

This lack of evidence disappointed many devout believers in God and religion, since science established that these miraculous leaders were, at best, only able to impact people’s psychologies. Witnessing the scientific community and society as a whole start to question the existence of God along with people’s faith, beliefs, and the power of Prayer was incredibly painful for Guruji Trivedi.

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In 2000, Guruji Trivedi decided to challenge the scientific community to support religion and spirituality, including their leaders and seekers. Guruji Trivedi was on a mission to prove that prayer and belief in God has the power to transform lives and everything else. Guruji Trivedi approached various universities and research institutions throughout the world to demonstrate the power of Blessing (God’s Grace) in many branches of science.

Over the next few years, scientists were left baffled and without answers to explain the miracle of Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings in the areas of agriculture, plant genetics, microbial genetics, human health, pharmaceuticals, and materials science. Today, even after 20 years, no scientist on this planet can fully explain Guruji Trivedi’s transformative and beneficial Blessing power.

Guruji Trivedi’s mission is to unite science and religion once more by demonstrating the existence of God, even in the smallest particle known to man.

Guruji Trivedi and Dahryn Trivedi

Guruji was gifted with Divine Power in 1995. He dedicated his life in worshipping the Divine and started practicing celibacy. After arriving in the USA in 2009, Guruji Trivedi was then guided by God (the Divine) to marry Dahryn Trivedi in 2011.

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