Benefits of Blessings

Many people have shared their experiences of deeper relationships, professional growth, and real transformation in multiple areas of their lives, even as much as realizing their life purpose and enjoying health, wealth, and prosperity in their lives.

The benefits of Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessings impact all areas of the recipient’s life. Where the benefits begin and how deeply they go depends on the individuals starting point, amount of receptivity and ability to recognize the benefits. Below we highlight the broad areas of improvements that are most frequently realized.

Physical Health


  • Feeling youthful
  • Less laziness and lethargy
  • Improved appetite and digestion
  • Relief from muscle pain and back pain
  • Improved energy (less tiredness and fatigue)

Skin, Hair, and Nails


  • Enhanced smoothness and glow to skin
  • Shinier, smoother and silkier hair
  • Faster-growing, thicker hair
  • Stronger, shinier, and faster-growing nails



  • Improved ease of falling asleep
  • Uninterrupted, deep, and higher quality sleep
  • Waking up feeling more refreshed, energetic, and inspired
  • Less sluggishness, grogginess, or lethargy upon waking

Mental Health


  • Better mood
  • More mental calmness
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Reduced mental restlessness
  • Greater confidence
  • More optimistic

Cognition and Memory


  • Relief from ADD/ADHD
  • Improved memory and learning
  • Enhanced alertness and awareness
  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Improved focus and concentration

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress


  • Reduced anxiety
  • Relief from depression
  • Less worry and tension
  • Enhanced stress management

Business and Finances


  • Improved finances
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater professional satisfaction
  • More abundance in all areas of life
  • Improved growth in career and business
  • Attraction to the right occupation



  • Feelings of empowerment
  • Improvement in perception of self
  • Improvement in other’s perception
  • Improvement in ability to assess and analyze everything
  • Feeling more satisfaction and pleasure in life
  • Improved personality and higher confidence



  • Greater compassion
  • Greater ability to uplift other people
  • Better communication
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • More loving and caring relationships
  • A more magnetic and charismatic personality
  • Improvement in ability to attract a “Soul Mate” or life partner
  • Improvement in other people’s perception
  • Improvement in the recipient’s perception
  • More well-wishers and trustworthy people

Sexual Wellness


  • Stronger libido
  • Increased stamina
  • Better performance
  • More sexual pleasure
  • Greater orgasmic satisfaction

Menstrual Wellness


  • Improved ease
  • A more natural, regular cycle
  • Greater emotional stability
  • Less tiredness or fatigue
  • Relief from cramps and bloating
  • Relief from muscle, back pain and headaches
  • Improvement in mood swings (PMS)
  • Less breast tenderness, hot flashes or night sweats



  • Youthful skin
  • Better brain function
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Better functioning organs (youthfulness)
  • Improved nutrient absorption (bioavailability)

Emotional Well-Being

  • Higher confidence
  • Feelings of gratitude
  • More profound happiness
  • Less fear of the future
  • Courage to forgive others
  • Desire to be more caring and sacrificing
  • Improved practicability and commonsense
  • Relief from delusional thinking
  • Higher enthusiasm and ambition
  • Feeling less lost/a better sense of direction in life
  • Improved willpower and discipline
  • Greater inspiration and motivation
  • Greater self-worth and self-esteem
  • Satisfaction and pleasure
  • Feelings of love, affection, and other uplifting emotions
  • Better ability to accurately discern and make assessments
  • Relief from emotional imbalance and trauma
  • Reduced anger, hate, hostility, and frustration
  • Feelings of empathy, sympathy, and compassion
  • Relief from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Spiritual Growth


  • Spiritual awakenings
  • Greater trust in God
  • Discovery of life purpose
  • Improvement in consciousness
  • Stronger connection to the inner Self
  • More freedom from arrogance and delusion
  • Understanding the importance of the soul/spirit and God

Fate and Fortune


  • Improvement in luck
  • Greater recognition and discovery of hidden potential
  • Power to attract better opportunities
  • Better ability to accomplish prosperity
  • Commanding power to attract respect and prosperity