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March 11, 2022

What is Enthusiasm?

Divine Connection

To have enthusiasm means to show interest in the things you do....

The Root Cause for Mental Restlessness

Mental Health

The Root Cause for Mental Restlessness

Divine Connection | February 16, 2023

When we lose control of our internal situation (state of mind) or in external situations (outside environment), we immediately start suffering from mental restlessness. And if these situations continue and become chronic, then without our awareness, we begin suffering from mental restlessness all the time -- while awake and during sleep.

Starting from very small age throughout our lives, our unconscious mind starts to accumulate millions of desires; desires that are non-practical or unrealistic and cannot be fulfilled most of the time because of various circumstances in life. These non-fulfilled, suppressed desires coordinate with each other and create new non-practical and unrealistic desires every day – a process that results in an even larger number of unwanted and useless thoughts. And it’s this ongoing production of non-practical, delusional ideas and thoughts that ultimately keeps our mind busy in discussion 24/7 and is what we call mind chattering or mental restlessness.
Mostly in the state of mental restlessness, we experience various types of fears – fear that our desires will not be fulfilled, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear from the future, fear from uncontrollable circumstances in our external environment, etc. These fears are responsible for the continuous release of cortisol, which keeps our body on high alert and in survival mode. This situation is responsible for keeping us in a state of chronic stress, which is ultimately responsible for poor immunity, higher inflammation, inability to focus, poor memory, fast aging, poor metabolism, exhaustion/fatigue, poor quality sleep, mood swings, and so on. As a result, all of our organs function under a compromised state.
We are composed of mind, body and spirit (consciousness). The mind and spirit are non-tangible; only the body is tangible. Science has discovered the tendency and characteristics of our body to absorb everything that is useful and discharge everything that is toxic or harmful. Similarly, during our deep sleep, there is a process of cleaning useless and harmful ideas and thoughts in our mind on an everyday basis, also called housekeeping during sleep, which discharges our useless thoughts and ideas. For most of us, the unconscious mind -- an accumulation of suppressed, non-realistic desires -- is the leader.
As per the natural characteristics and tendencies of our mind, our useless, harmful and toxic thoughts and ideas, including our non-practical delusional desires, must be discharged during housekeeping in the brain each day. But because of immaturity, lack of experience, lack of guidance, and lack of well- wishers in our life, we are highly hesitant and fearful to discharge these non- practical desires. Hence, these non-realistic delusional desires never exit our mind. For their existence and survival, these desires promise us a lot of false hope and remain in the information, desires and experiences, in the databank, existing in our mind. These desires then integrate all the time with other desires and continuously produce thousands of new desires without our awareness and willingness. The interaction of these thoughts, ideas and desires generates mental restlessness until our death.


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