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March 11, 2022

What is Enthusiasm?

Divine Connection

To have enthusiasm means to show interest in the things you do....

What is Bhakti?


What is Bhakti?

Divine Connection | February 16, 2023

The path of Bhakti is a path of love and devotion, focusing on a personal relationship between the lover and the Beloved – God. Bhakti emerged as a natural expression of enlightenment, and is demonstrated in the forms of devotional love, dance, music, art, thoughtlessness, and samadhi.

Every act and intention for the purpose of realizing the Divine (God) and attaining enlightenment, including the paths of knowledge, meditation, yoga, karma, prayer, and puja, are promising ways to create good health, wealth, and happiness, which is brought through the power of Divine Grace in our lives.

Any and every religious and spiritual activity may benefit our social and materialistic lives, but none of them guarantees enlightenment. Bhakti is the true expression of enlightenment. The avatars and enlightened masters who arrived on this planet simply played their roles as pure conduits of Divine expression. Whatever comes forth from this Divine Connection is part of Bhakti. Enlightenment cannot be accomplished through any religious or spiritual activity, but rather it is gifted to the purest souls that have come and gone, leaving beauty, transformation, grace, and stories in the passing of their presence.

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