Divine Energy is Without Loss or Decay

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Divine Energy is Without Loss or Decay

All energies known to current science like electrical energy, magnetic energy, light energy, thermal energy, and electromagnetic energy, travel from one place to another via a medium in the form of frequency and amplitude. As the time and distance of travel increases, so does the level of energetic decay. Ultimately, after a given time and distance, all these energies lose intensity and eventually disappear. An example of this can be seen within our own homes. Electric lamps emit light energy. The intensity of light closest to the lightbulb in the lamp is extremely bright up close, but the further we move from the lamp, the more the light diminishes, meaning the less light we have. Eventually, we reach a point where there is no more light, indicating that the light energy has disappeared and lost its existence.

Divine Energy is expressed in the form of consciousness, and never loses its intensity, speed, or existence no matter the distance, time, media, obstacles, or other interferences that stand in its path. Divine Energy exists in stark contrast to all other energies known to science that travel in a straight line, for Divine Energy can reach anywhere and everywhere, traveling all around the globe. It always arrives at the correct, intended destination, and never misses its target.

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