Role of Destiny

In Improved Quality of Life

For healthy and successful people, modern medical science, religion, and spiritual practice, which play such critical roles in our lives, have very little to offer in terms of elevating our wealth, wellness, and happiness. If our health parameters are within the range of good health, then modern medical science has nothing to offer in terms of elevating physical, mental, emotional, and sexual wellness; financial freedom; efficiency; perception; purpose; and overall greater satisfaction and a better-quality life.

Similarly, though we spend years honing religious practices like prayers and pujas and spiritual practices like meditation and yoga, they bestow upon us only temporary results at great expense in terms of our time, effort, and money. For seekers, these practices stoke their hopes, inspiring and motivating them for a better quality of life, but are unable to deliver any significant outcome. Currently, other than the miracles of coincidence, there is no concrete evidence substantiated by any clinical research throughout the world that prove these methods truly deliver a better quality of life. The root cause of the problems we all face in terms of our happiness and quality of life is absolutely scientific, and yet extends far beyond the reach of current science.

A person is a multifaceted being, composed of mind, body, and spirit. These facets are intricately weaved together in such a way that if one is out of balance, the other two fall out of alignment as well. Any disorders, deterioration, or physical problems that arise in the body are signs of an imbalance elsewhere.
The physical is controlled and regulated by a person’s state of mind, which is ultimately governed by the efficiency and power of the spirit (soul). The efficacy of our souls determines the particular patterns or programming we operate within, which commands our perception, creating positive or negative effects on our conscious experience.
Knowing this fundamental truth, the root cause of frustration, failure, and all other problems that arise in life relies on the efficiency and power of the soul. So long as we lack the tools and ability to empower the soul and optimize its performance, the mind will reflect that disempowerment as mental turmoil and chaos. The mind will not be calm, and the ability of the mind to understand, integrate, and implement all of which it is capable of will be impossible.
Without a peaceful mind, your ability to absorb, process, and deliver outcomes in all of your actions and activities will be fragmented and poor. Under these situations, people consistently struggle to accomplish anything. This includes good health, higher productivity, intelligence, patience, better relationships, occupational success, and finally a happy and better quality of life. Without a mind that is founded in the strength of the spirit, these pleasures in life are unachievable dreams.
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Solution for Mental Peace

Our five senses, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, require the right environment to function properly. Take our vision, for an example. Light is required for our eyes to properly function. The intensity of this light can make a big difference in the performance of our vision. The functioning of our eyes is controlled and regulated by our intellect and intelligence. The intellect and intelligence are controlled and governed by the state of our mind. The state of our mind is controlled and governed by the level of our consciousness, and the level of our consciousness is the expression of the power of the soul. Hence, to empower the soul means to empower our lives. This is the solution for mental peace and calmness, which controls and regulates our efficiency, performance, and experience in every aspect of life.


Mindset Matters

Mental restlessness is responsible for every impoverished area of our lives, including poor physical, mental, and sexual wellness; emotional trauma; poor perception; financial struggle; and useless and toxic relationships in our lives. On the contrary, mental calmness is responsible for our better-quality wellness, finances, emotional bliss, satisfaction, relationships, and assuredly our better quality of life.