God’s creation is based upon and operates within a certain framework of Divine principles and fundamentals. Since the origin of creation, billions of phenomena exist in the Universe and in nature. All scientific discovery comes from the realization and recognition of these phenomena.

After scientific discovery, scientists then study the principles and fundamentals of the flow of energy related to that specific phenomenon. They attempt to harness the phenomenon through man-made machines so as to utilize it for the benefit of humanity. This process is called science and technology. Science is a very small branch of the religious tree. Still, there remain many questions and problems related to human health and wellness that remain unanswered, unaddressed, and still not fully understood by current medical science. On the contrary, the answers and solutions already exist in the realm of religion.

Due to biased skepticism, scientists don’t want to understand the principles and fundamentals that form the basis of religion. Hence, the science and technology that exists today is useful in providing bodily comfort, but continues to lack in its ability to provide any kind of satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness in people’s lives. For these reasons, billions of people continue to suffer from a vast and increasing variety of psychosomatic, mental, and emotional problems, all of which have wide-reaching implications on a person’s physical health.

Science has great use in several areas of human health, wealth, and prosperity, but still lacks in its ability to address overall wellbeing/wellness. The most important aspects of life that make life truly worth living are love, affection, emotions, sentiments, sacrifice, caring, empathy, and sympathy, etc. Without these characters, there is no difference between people and other animals. Even with as far as science has come and given the golden age of technology in which we live, these characters and qualities still can’t be measured by any man-made machines or technologies. Hence, while technology is very useful and has the power to make our lives more comfortable, these advancements in science are still absolutely helpless in delivering satisfaction and happiness.

A human is not just a composition of bundles of cells and chemical reactions. On the contrary, the main authority is the soul (spirit), which is the extension of God in a human’s body in the form of consciousness. That is why when the soul leaves the body, a human dies. After death, every organ and system in the body stops working. Within a reasonable amount of time, if we are able to remove the organs like the eyes, lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver, etc., and then implant them in another living human, these organs start functioning again within that new body. This is because there is an authority beyond the physical body that operates the body and the functioning of the organs. When this authority is missing, the body dies. Hence, current science cannot deny the existence of the soul (the extension of God).

Even further, all characters related to love, affection, emotions, sentiments, feelings, empathy, sympathy, sacrifice, and caring, etc., are controlled, operated, and governed by our spirit/soul.


Advanced medical science does not have the technology or caliber to operate and command the spirit/soul in a human body. That is why more than 80% of the population continues to suffer from emotional dissatisfaction, no matter our great advancements in science and technology. This dissatisfaction creates a vast number of problems such as poor-quality sleep, mind chatter/restlessness, anxiety, depression, stress, obesity, fatigue, fast aging, premenstrual syndrome, various types of nutritional deficiencies including vitamin D deficiency, and a multitude more.

Several emotional and psychosomatic problems are byproducts of a weak interaction or poor connection between the soul and the God of one’s understanding. This poor connection cannot be corrected with any man-made machine. Only the Grace of God can improve the depth of this connection. Once connected, people are immediately able to harness more and more Divine Grace in their lives, allowing them to thrive in their health, wealth, prosperity, and well-being.

The performance of the computer is decided by the speed of its internet connection, and the speed of the internet can be improved with the help of the internet provider. Similarly, all people (children of God) are connected all the time with the God of their understanding, all with varying depths of connection. This depth of connection can also be improved transformed) by someone who is gifted, enlightened, or authorized by the Divine.

Here, Guruji Trivedi is this very authority with the incredible fortune of being gifted with the ability to improve the connection between you and the God of your understanding. That way, people will be able to harness more Divine Grace in their lives, and can truly start to enjoy wealth, prosperity, abundance, well-being, happiness, and the beauty of all that life has to offer.