Motivated Life Through

Divine Blessings

The most common feedback we receive are reports of people feeling better, having more energy, increased mental peace and calmness, emotional satisfaction as well as improved inspiration, enthusiasm, motivation, confidence, will-power, focus, and an overall positive perception. Many people have shared their experiences of deeper relationships, professional growth, and real transformation in multiple areas of their lives, even as much as realizing their life purpose and enjoying better well-being, wealth, and prosperity in their lives.


The Solution

Religion recognizes the spirit/soul as the extension of God (the Divine) in our totality, giving us our life experiences. The expression of the spirit is consciousness. The level of consciousness is directly associated with the power of the spirit/soul. The main role of the spirit is to harness Divine Grace (energy) or Life Force (Prana/Qi) from nature. If a spirit is able to harness more Divine Grace, then that spirit will have a deeper connection with the God of its understanding. If the spirit is able to harness significant Divine Grace from the Creator, then the expression of that connection is seen in the form of higher consciousness.


Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness means the ability to absorb, integrate, and discern every useful and useless parameter in our lives through any of our actions such as reading, writing, watching, and thinking. A more powerful spirit means a higher consciousness, a greater fate and fortune, and a magnetic personality. This way, everyday life is no longer an escape from boredom and suffering, but a gateway to peace and ever new joy.