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March 11, 2022

What is Enthusiasm?

Divine Connection

To have enthusiasm means to show interest in the things you do....


Divine Grace


Divine Connection | March 11, 2022

When Divine Grace is transformed by the spirit/soul into Divine Light, it is called consciousness. The level of consciousness controls and governs the level of alertness and awareness about your internal and external environments. Higher consciousness means the best use of resources available externally and internally, which makes a substantial difference in our learning, performance, and value in the market and in society.

Our five senses, the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, provide us with sensory inputs from our external environment, but these are regulated and governed by our intellect and intelligence. The efficiency and functioning of our intellect and intelligence is controlled and governed by the level of our consciousness.

There is one Light that shines through all of our senses. That Light is responsible for the conscious experience. Raising consciousness permits one to an optimal experience from the senses, permitting us to reach a climax of conscious experience and expression. The ongoing raising of consciousness is the only way to enjoy health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness in life.

In the daylight, the bright light of the sun allows our eyes to see the expansiveness of this world, but in the darkness of night, if we use a small lamp or flashlight, our visual line of sight is stunted, and we cannot see nearly as much. In the light of a candle, our efficiency, awareness, knowledge, and experience is extremely limited. On the contrary, in all three situations, our five senses continue to work the same.

Who operates our eyes?

Our eyes and all other senses are operated by our intellect. Then,

Who operates our intellect?

As our eyes function in the environment of light, similarly, our intellect functions in the environment of the light of consciousness.

Our intellect determines the efficiency of the sensory inputs we receive from all five senses. However, it is the intensity of the light of consciousness that decides the efficiency and performance of our intellect. So, for our experience of life, our happiness, our sadness, our success, our prosperity, our knowledge, our wellness, and the opportunities that come to us, our level of consciousness is the final deciding factor.

According to religion and spirituality, Divine Energy (Grace) is available everywhere, even in the smallest possible particle in the Universe. This means that God exists everywhere, even in these small particles.

Science advancements have found that one form of energy can be converted into another form of energy by use of the most sophisticated man-made machines and technologies. For us to make use of energy, it is required for us to convert energy by use of these machines and technologies. Similarly, Divine Energy can also be converted into energy – the light of consciousness – through the spirit/soul. The soul is the only technology available that has the ability to convert God’s energy into the light of consciousness. God’s Grace and consciousness are both different forms of the Divine. Our soul decides the amount of Divine Grace we harness, as well as its conversion or expression into Divine Light (consciousness). The expression of the soul is consciousness, or we can say the soul IS consciousness.

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