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March 11, 2022

What is Enthusiasm?

Divine Connection

To have enthusiasm means to show interest in the things you do....

What is Inspiration?


What is Inspiration?

Divine Connection | February 16, 2023

Inspiration is most understood to be the process by which we become mentally stimulated to do or feel something. It is a common term used amongst artists and creatives, putting the mind and psyche in a state of awe and wonder and allowing an ease and grace to transpire in which our creative and intellectual faculties are heightened to the extreme.

Inspiration is often an elusive event; when it hits, it gives us a rush and we are connected with a creative flow that integrates and connects ideas or aspects of our lives that cannot otherwise be forced or fabricated.

Inspiration is also defined as inhalation, or the drawing in of the breath. Both descriptions of inspiration have a unique synergy and harmony with one another. For each breath we draw, we usher in a vital force that enlivens us, providing us with the necessary biological and mental functions to survive and flourish

Both definitions go hand and hand, for the true nature of inspiration is the influence of divine exerted upon the mind or soul.

Inspiration may sometimes be overlooked because of its elusive nature, but it has a major effect on important life outcomes. Inspiration awakens us to new opportunities and possibilities. By opening our perspective realities, we are able to move beyond our ordinary experience of life and transcend our current limitations. Moving from apathy to possibility, our capabilities are heightened, and we are brought to a new level of potential that was previously unavailable to us before - lying just outside the periphery of our own limiting awareness.

Imagine where we could be in our own lives if, instead of waiting for our next strike of inspiration, we can instead harness this state of illumination where raw potential resides?

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