Undeniable Impact

Guruji and Life Sciences

The outcome of Divine Blessings is astonishing and beyond the imagination and understanding of the current science.

  1. Increased immunity in plants up to 600%
  2. Increased yield in agriculture up to 500%
  3. Increased shelf-life of cashew nuts up to 100%.
  4. Changed plant DNA up to 69%.
  5. Drug-resistant bacteria started responding to antibiotics.
  6. Altered the species of ATCC Bacteria, identified with the help of 16S rDNA.
  7. Changed microbial DNA polymorphism up to 79%.
  8. Reduced the viral load up to 80% in preclinical research.
  9. Converted endometrium and prostate cancer cells into non-cancerous cells in preclinical research.
  10. Enhanced level of chlorophyll B and chlorophyll A by 93% and 30% respectively.

Be a Part Of a Modern Miracle

The Trivedi Effect transforms every facet of an individual’s well-being, enhances
perception and accelerates growth to harness true happiness.