Undeniable Impact

Guruji and Materials Science

Guruji’s Divine Blessing can reprogram the structure of the atom and can also alter the physical constants of materials. The results are beyond the thumb rule of the law of conservation of energy and the energy of consciousness involved in Divine Blessing is beyond the phenomenon of energy decay or loss of energy as Divine Energy does not decay during traveling from one corner to the opposite corner of the earth. The atom is the basic building block for everything in the universe and according to the current science the atom does not accept any amount of external energy for a permanent period of time, because of this reason the law of conservation of energy exits. There is no man made machine by which we can alter or interfere with the structure of the atom as per current science. But as per religion and consciousness, everything in this universe including the atom is the creation of Creator/God.

Nothing is impossible and beyond and reach of God or Divine Power. Consequently, by using the Divine energy in the form of consciousness, the destiny of the atom can be altered, or we can say that even the atom can be reprogrammed with the help of Divine energy in the form of consciousness. Finally, we can say that the atom has consciousness.

Summary of Results

Divine Blessings on Materials

  1. Altered the mass and size of the atom.
  2. Changed the energy within and between the atoms.
  3. Changed the distance between the atoms up to +3.35% and down to -0.56%.
  4. Converted energy into matter and vice-versa.
  5. Changed the specific heat of materials over 600%.
  6. Altered Isotopic Abundance by over 500%.
  7. Electron spin resonance (ESR) signal width increased by over 300%.
  8. Crystallite size and particle size increased by over 800% and 400%, respectively.
  9. Surface area increased by over 300%.
  10. Increased oxygen by over 20%.

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