Materials Science

More than 4,000 experiments in Materials Science have proven that Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessing is able to alter the physical constants of materials. The unprecedented data compiled by top research organizations using the most sophisticated technologies existing in the world today suggests that the Blessed materials were transformed at the atomic level. 


Undeniable Impact

Summary of Research

In Materials Science, Guruji Trivedi’s Divine Blessing has been shown to:

1.  Alter the mass and size of the atom.
2.  Change the energy within and between the atoms.
3.  Change the distance between the atoms up to +3.35% and down to -0.56%.
4.  Convert energy into matter and vice-versa.
5.  Change the specific heat of materials by over 600%.
6.  Alter Isotopic Abundance by over 500%.
7.  Increase electron spin resonance (ESR) signal width by over 300%.
8.  Increase crystallite size and particle size by over 800% and 400%, respectively.
9.  Increase surface area by over 300%.
10.  Increase oxygen by over 20%.

According to current science, the atom does not accept any amount of external energy for a permanent period of time. For this reason, the law of conservation of energy exists. Science has found no manmade machine by which we can alter or interfere with the structure of the atom. However, religion and spirituality understand that everything in this universe, including the atom, has the ability to evolve to perform better. Consequently, by using the consciousness of Divine energy, the destiny of the atom can be altered. This means that even the atom can be reprogrammed.

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